Blockchain Consultancy & Center of Excellence

Avanza help some of the largest enterprises, government entities and industry consortiums ideate their blockchain business cases.

We cut through the fluff and demystify your business challenges through the right use of blockchain technology.

At Avanza, we work with some of the agilest government and private sector organizations on the planet. To help prepare entities for a decentralized future our experts are actively building use cases across Government, Real Estate, Health Care, Telecommunication, Ports & Logistics, Customs, Agriculture, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Education, Taxation, Law Enforcement, Power Distribution and many more sectors.

Avanza's Team of Blockchain Evangelists

Our consulting team comprising of some of industry's best Blockchain and Subject Matter Experts help organizations identify specific business and organizational challenges where Blockchain Technology can be leveraged to decipher and address these challenges.

With our pragmatic and agile approach we convert your vision into a tangible working solution blueprint jointly with your teams and thought leaders.

Thought-Leadership Across Forums

Our thought leaders actively contribute to numerous global research papers, blockchain toolkits and feasibility frameworks for organizations such as World Economic Forum, World Trade Organization, Hyperledger Foundation, Dubai Future Foundation and many more.

We give you a global perspective of blockchain technology with a sharp focus
on regional and local implementation dynamics.

Move Past Buzzwords
Towards Implementation

It is Avanza’s deep understanding of industry challenges and our ability to quickly identify the right and pragmatic use of blockchain technology for the relevant business challenges that makes our teams of techno-business experts distinct from others in the industry.

On the back of 20 plus production grade blockchain implementations that have reshaped cities and nations, Avanza’s teams do not adopt an adhoc and tactical approach to your blockchain needs.

We embark organizations on a multi-year blockchain strategy that solves real problems of today and tomorrow for your organization and business eco-system(s).

Our consultants are leading industry contributors and thought leaders in the evolution of blockchain technology and it’s utility across verticals.

background Cipher is powering thousands of blockchain based business transactions every day through production-grade implementations on several prevailing cloud infrastructures and through on-prem setups. Next-gen
Blockchain tech

Understanding the ROI of
Blockchain Technology with Avanza

In a recent study by a benchmarking firm McLagan, an in-depth impact analysis and fact-based estimates of the cost savings and other benefits that might be achieved by a blockchain based business application were assessed and highlighted the following:









Before embracing the transformative power of blockchain, you might be looking for key questions such as how to reap true benefits from a decentralized network? What are the expected costs, risks, and expected ROI?


Blockchain Implementations

First ever Blockchain
Orchestration Platform

Cipher is Avanza’s award-winning Blockchain implementation platform. Built with the future in mind, Cipher is a blockchain agnostic orchestration and governance platform that can ride on any underlying Blockchain technology.

Lauded as one of the best blockchain implementation platforms globally by top technology experts, journals and independent research bodies and governments Cipher embarks organizations on a multi-year strategic blockchain adoption journey as opposed to a short term tactical and adhoc single use case implementation approach.

Cipher has been enabling large enterprises and government entities embark on their multi-year blockchain adoption journey since 2017. A one of it’s kind Blockchain Orchestration and Governance platform, Cipher comes pre-packaged with dozens of components and micro-services that are required in any blockchain implementation.

Cipher also comes pre-loaded with integration adaptors for all prevailing blockchain platforms, thereby enabling organizations to abstract their legacy systems and ERPs from the underlying blockchain platforms.

Cipher Key Features

Seamless Onboarding of Partner entities

Proactive governance and monitoring of multiple blockchain networks

A robust API framework that abstracts and integrates legacy systems with the blockchain plane

Seamless deployment of smart contracts through intuitive User Interfaces

Cross Chain Orchestration and data sharing

Built-in set of ready micro-services to deliver the end to end blockchain solution faster and decrease the time to market

Our Blockchain

Avanza’s vision of blockchain adoption is not restricted to the implementation of that first use case you have envisioned for your organization and business network. 

We strongly feel blockchain is here to stay, and that your organization needs to prepare itself up to launch multiple blockchain initiatives by either championing or joining different local, regional or international consortiums and networks.

Platform Agnostic

Cipher is an overarching and comprehensive framework that not only enables organizations to launch blockchain solutions much faster, but it also provides a solid architectural base for future blockchain implementations.

Cipher is powering dozens of tier 1 government entities, regulators and large enterprises for their blockchain networks and initiatives across numerous industries in the areas of:

Blockchain Program Execution & Management

Platform agnostic solution to execute, monitor & govern your network!

Our cutting edge blockhain technology platform Cipher is complemented by our teams of experts that are well-versed with handling and managing multi-organization blockhain platforms.

Avanza’s consulting teams, Subject Matter Experts along with our Project Management teams deploy a pragmatic approach and framework to ensure 100% project success rate and desired ROI from your blockchain consortium.

In addition to technology hurdles, we completely understand the challenges that come with doing a project with multiple entities (private and public)  in a consortium. Our teams provide a unique partner eco-system management framework that ensures that all participating entities are on the same page and that they jointly contribute to the common project vision, objectives and eventual success.

In addition to helping organizations and consortiums successfully launch complex blockchain networks, we also prepare entities manage and govern their blockchain solutions after launch. 

Through Cipher, organizations seamlessly conduct house-keeping and monitoring of their entire blockchain software stack, thereby reducing their teams’ learning curve drastically and making them self-sufficient in managing their blockchain nodes and associated software stack.

Work with the Industry's Best Team!

Our customers prefer Avanza over some of the biggest names in the technology space due to our teams’ agility and foresight, our engineering excellence and our unnerving focus on our customers’ success.


Our Success through Numbers

20 Plus Production-Grade national scale implementations

55 Million Transactions processed every day

2 Dozen out of the box ready-made micro-services

Biggest blockchain market share in MENA region

Blockchain Security Audit

Avanza’s Blockchain security program

Avanza’s industry leading suite of Blockchain Security Assessment, combined with our experience of the largest number of Production-grade Blockchain implementations across the region, ensures that your Blockchain application is go-to-market ready & secure from any vulnerabilities in the digital environment. We eliminate Blockchain security vulnerabilities and threats to the ecosystem by adopting the most rigorous and thorough cybersecurity techniques.

Enterprise Blockchain Solution Security Assessment (Private/Permissioned)

New private/permissioned blockchain consortiums are emerging and implementing technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric, CORDA, Quorum to ensure transparency, tamper proofing, security and trust. This brings a number of challenges in building and running decentralized applications including privacy of data, compromising of the network as well as risk due to smart contracts' technical or business failures.

Our Security Offering For Private &
Permissioned Blockchains

Our security team will conduct thorough assessment on potential threats & vulnerabilities in the network related to joining rogue nodes, sybil attacks, eclipse attacks, network implementation, endorsement policies risks, consensus algorithm malfunction & risks, key management practices, keys expiration & rotation, consortium members leaving the network or a member leaving the consortium compromising the overall network. In addition to this, we establish best practices for Blockchain Identity management and HSM key storage security compliance along with Configuration Management of blockchain configurations.

We conduct Smart contracts technical failures analysis, static smart contract review based on symbolic execution, dynamic testing, business condition failures, and analyze if there is any risk in the smart contract deployment process. We adopt the best industry practices for the compliance of Smart contracts to ensure smooth execution.

Ensuring Non disclosure of data to unauthorized network members based on the use case data privacy requirements, compliance to local and international regulations like GDPR.

Your application’s security is just as important as your smart contracts’ security. We perform Application security based assessment based on traditional web application and API based security identification and their touchpoints to the blockchain layer.

The heart of any blockchain business rules is the smart contract. It is necessary to ensure that the business process encoded in the smart contract has business conditions and exceptions catered and provided necessary recommendations if those cases are not handled.

We leverage our experience from 20 plus production grade Blockchain implementations together with Avanza’s technology expertise of Blockchain engineers to ensure your Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth lake, Enterprise Quorum, CORDA, Hyperledger Indy are secure from any threats & vulnerabilities.

Analysis and consulting based on secure practices of writing blockchain solutions as well as their secure CI/CD.

We use our expertise to embed security at the initial stages of development as part of your overall architecture and design. We ensure that the overall architecture of enterprise blockchain implementation is secure and ready to handle the attack vectors in a proactive manner.

Security Assessment of Public Blockchain

Public blockchain as part of its evolution has suffered a number of attacks including the infamous DAO and Parity Multisig attacks. These attacks resulted in billions of US Dollars losses to investors and subscribers due to lose security measures within the crypto exchanges' compromise and/or flaws within the smart contract.

Consensus Algorithm related attack vectors

Identification and assurance for the consensus process to handle timejacking, finney, race and other major attack vectors.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts technical failures analysis for ERC 20, ERC 1400, ERC-721 based contract with static smart contract review based on symbolic execution, dynamic testing and risk in the smart contract deployment process. Compliance of Smart contracts with industry best practices.

Blockchain Exchanges

Risk assessment and assurance of public blockchain Exchanges

DEFI Platforms

Risk assessment and assurance of DEFI based Projects.

Technology Expertise

Ethereum, Cosmos, EOS platforms.

Our Process

Explore Blockchain Products

ASSURE – Avanza’s Bank Trust Network solution, based on cutting edge Blockchain technology, is a next-gen solution to an age-old problem of document exchange, verification and compliance within banks, its customers and beneficiaries.
INSTACHAIN – Avanza’s Blockchain based Reconciliation & Settlement Platform is an inter-organization solution that helps organizations reconcile financial and non-financial transactions and records in real time through a trust-based network. The solution is available in both on-premise as well as cloud models.
FIDELITY – Blockchain marketplace based on tokenization of loyalty points is the future of customer retention. The desire of a customer to earn and redeem is well addressed in our Blockchain marketplace solution, FIDELITY.
NexTrade – Procure to Pay is a Blockchain based solution designed and developed by Avanza to cater generational issues of transparency, trust, and efficiency in the value-chain of procurement. Our P2P technology is a one-stop solution to the needs of procurement lifecycle – be it procure to pay components or order to cash stage.
Consonance is an eKYC blockchain empowered platform which provides end-to-end KYC requirements and ensures digital execution of the process. By bringing the key actors of the KYC process and converting the KYC workflow into smart contracts, it leads to higher efficiency of the overall ecosystem.
Trade Bridge is an industry-wide platform that enables banks to verify duplicate financing frauds and address numerous financial crime risks associated with trade finance transactions.

Unlock the value of Blockchain withAvanza

You don't want a solution without a problem to solve. Organizations that dont have a clear use case are less likely to reap the benefits of Blockchain technology. Kickoff use case ideation sessions with Avanza today!


Develop vision, identify problem, and define use case

Proof of Value

Assess/test business and technical feasibility, viability, and desirability of the vision and roadmap

Proof of Concept

Prove concept and technology with a functional prototype

Trial & Launch

After POC comes the task of putting real data into production followed with full-volume rollout

Reviewing the potential of blockchain or considering whether to implement a Blockchain solution?

Blockchain Case Studies

UAE Trade Connect

A State of the Art National Platform for Digitizing & Securing Trade

eCommerce Chain

Cross Border eCommerce Digital Platform On Blockchain


A one stop supply platform

Reconciliation & Settlement of Govt. Funds on Blockchain

First Production-grade city-scale Blockchain Implementation

Benefit - National eKYC Platform

Blockchain Empowered National e-KYC

Digital Silk Road

A Game Changing Dubai 10x Initiative

Etisalat Smiles

Tokenization of Loyalty Points


Smart City Medical Emergency & Epidemic Management System

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