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Avanza Innovations - Blockchain

Blockchain Implementation & Consultancy

Avanza Innovations is one of the regions most well-established blockchain implementation and consultancy provides. Working with key clients across private and public sector entities we have helped deliver blockchain based solutions that reshape economies.

The Dubai Smart Government recently commissioned Avanza to build a city-wide blockchain project for the Department of Finance, Dubai. The organisation needed a system which could reconcile and settle payments between its corresponding entities immediately – the current system could take up to 40 days.

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Artificial Intelligence

Impulse is Avanza’s Artificial Intelligence Platform, it is built with the objective of synergizing organizations with latest AI tools and technologies. Impulse functions as the governance and orchestration layer that links various AI engines to public and private sector organization use cases.

Our world is rapidly evolving and as is with evolution comes disruption. The AI disruption being dubbed the next industrial revolution has the capacity to change how we work and to leave a lot of jobs effectively redundant.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the fastest growing and acceptable emerging technology initiatives out there. RPA imitates human behavior and automates tasks through smart applications. Working on the principle of surface automation, we can add significant value to applications like ERPs, CRMs etc. to raise the bar on their performance and utilization.

At Innovations, we understand that every organization or entity is unique and requires a customized solutions suite. That is why we have architected our RPA portfolio to be agile and responsive towards our customers.

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Building Cities of Tomorrow

Acuity is Avanza Innovations smart city enablement and consultancy platform. At Avanza our objective has always been building technology that can reduce friction and bring value to the lives of people. Acuity serves that objective by bringing our public and private sector tech expertise to the doorstep of nations globally.

One of our key implementations was building a city-wide medical platform. Using artificial intelligence the system carries out complex commands that get activated once a patient is in the ambulance. This includes looking for the closest hospital with available beds, alerting relevant hospital teams and reserving beds.

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