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Our world is rapidly evolving and as is with evolution comes disruption. The AI disruption being dubbed the next industrial revolution has the capacity to change how we work and to leave a lot of jobs effectively redundant.

At Innovations, we realized that the only acceptable way forward was to embrace the transformative power of AI and use it in building jobs of the future.

Impulse is Avanza’s Artificial Intelligence Platform, it is built with the objective of synergizing organizations with latest AI tools and technologies. Impulse functions as the governance and orchestration layer that links various AI engines to public and private sector organization use cases.

Inventing the Future!

At Innovations, one of the key use-cases we are developing is the use of Artifical Intelligence and machine learning in the field of financial trading. Currently, firms employ customized systems and human instinct to predict and execute trade orders.

We see a solution where Impulse can sift through petabytes of data, social media analytics, and market sentiments to form algorithms that can outperform basic applications and humans every time.

Given the right access to data, we feel financial trading algorithms can outperform humans and execute less predictive and more reliable trade orders.

At Innovations, our objective is to bring about an AI evolution that will not just enrich human life but also save it. One of our key projects is the use of Artificial Intelligence to recognize early signs of life-threatening ailments. By examining patients records across multiple diseases and timelines we can form algorithms that can better diagnose at-risk patients. An example of this is looking at early reports, scans of patients who have developed certain ailments and then identifying further patients who might have similar symptoms and getting care to them quickly. This sort of preventive medicine can help evolve the way our current medical care works.

Avanza Innovations - Artificial Intelligence
Avanza Innovations - Artificial Intelligence

The Intelligence Journey!

Building intelligent businesses of the future require precision planning. At Innovations, we have a dedicated team of ‘Intelligence experts who can identify AI opportunities within your organization/entity – Our ‘Intelligence experts understand your business objectives and then get a sense of your existing systems to build Proof of Concepts for your business.

Post PoC’s we build a concrete roll-out plan that provides you with a very tangible road-map towards a next-gen AI based business application.

Public & Private Transformation!

At Innovations, our time is invested in working closely with both government and private sector entities. To build intelligent Public and Private sector organizations our experts provide thought leadership and practical exposure on domestic and international AI trends.

we help move government and private sector organizations past lab environments and into building real-world use cases across key verticals like Financial Intelligence, Marketing Personalisation, Data and Personal Security etc.

We act as the governance layer that resolves the dilemma of moderating multiple AI engines. At Innovations, we help you move quickly and seamlessly towards the Intelligence Experience and ensure that you stay connected to a brave new reality.

Avanza Innovations - Artificial Intelligence