AI Consulting

Our consulting team comprising of seasoned AI professionals and data scientists help organizations identify specific business and organizational challenges where AI Technology can be leveraged to decipher and solve these challenges. 

Our consultants engage with top tier organizations to discover existing data landscape within the realm of your stated problem. 

We follow a structured approach encompassing following key stages: 

Use-case Qualification,

Data Discovery,

Change Management,

Enterprise Architecture Transformations,

Building Sustainability Models,

Feasibility And Acid Tests,

Future Alignment of Roadmaps With Vision And Mission of the Organization

Avanza's Team of AI Evangelist

Avanza's AI consulting team ensures a 360 degree diagnostic of your organization before you want to start your AI journey. The health check not just enables an organization to assess financial and operational viability of embracing AI but also its readiness to sustain the new era of AI culture in the organization.

Our AI consulting team not only looks at the internal aspect of your organization but exposes you on aspects of technology selection, industry best practices, benchmarking studies and how you can stay informed in line with ever evolving AI tech space.

AI Implementation

Avanza aims at materializing the stated concepts, thought through use-cases and background work executed by consulting teams for the organisation.

Implementation umbrella covers wide range of services starting from use-case focused MVP (minimum viable product) development, use-case pilots to kick-start AI journey for an organisation in real world to full production grade AI projects roll out.

Avanza with 20 years' experience of delivering state-of-art products across multiple industry verticals leverages the science of stitching core AI frameworks with peripheral components optimally.

Impulse – Avanza’s flagship AI based customer interaction and experience platform, is a real world example of how Avanza has matured the space of middleware technology in NLP and machine learning technology.

Impulse is Avanza’s customer engagement and experience platform that uses artificial intelligence of multiple frameworks to unify the insights and help organizations in engaging, responding and analyzing customer interactions and behaviour across all touch points and channel. It is built with the objective of synergizing organizations with latest AI tools and technologies in the space of intelligent automated conversations, sentiment analysis and causality analysis - across multiple mediums. Impulse functions as the governance and orchestration layer that links various AI engines to public and private sector organization use cases.

Impulse addresses key challenges of the era which any organizations thinks of while embracing Intelligent customer sentiment analysis and conversations.


Vendor Lock


Pay per use model

Features difference

Centralized administration
& analytics

Rich media


Impulse single handedly not just addresses the above stated challenges but offers a mature ecosystem for an organisation to rely on AI and run real world services around it.

Artificial Intelligence Application Areas

Financial Risk & Fraud Detection and Prevention
Customer Happiness and Sentiment Analytics
NLP driven conversations & insights (Natural Language Processing)
Health Care Diagnostics and Prediction
Facial Recognition and Behavior Science
Supply and Demand forecasting
Recommendation Engine
Social Media Analytics

background Artificial Intelligence Frameworks

We help move public & private sector organizations past lab environments & into building real-world use cases!

Trusted by tier 1 government entities, state owned enterprises and large conglomerates – our AI consultants and data science teams are helping organizations across a wide range of verticals in their AI driven day to day and strategic decision making.

Avanza has played a crucial role in helping the financial industry with mitigating industry-wide frauds and financial crime risks through our experts and technology.

Our AI expertise and consulting services in areas of sentiment analysis and facial recognition has been a key enabler in raising customer service standards for numerous government and large enterprises.

Inventing the Future!

Avanza’s approach to AI projects is a reflection of our organizations DNA of pragmatic innovation that solves real world problems. With this philosophy and an unnerving commitment to our customers’ success we enable organizations set their multi-year AI adoption course in the right direction.

We deploy our unique frameworks to inform organizations of the pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead. Our AI engagements are uniquely customized to give quick ones and early success benchmarks as we navigate our way through available data and it’s utilization through the AI models.

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