Avanza Innovations Blockchain Cipher

Cipher is Avanza’s blockchain implementation platform. Built with the future in mind, Cipher is a platform agnostic solution that can ride on any underlying blockchain technology (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple etc.)

At Innovations, we understand that organizations need to embrace the transformative power of the blockchain. But as is with any new technology the road to adoption is steep. As an organization, we help firms move past ideation and towards adoption quickly.

Innovations Cipher platform is there to: (a) Build UI/UX that can lead to much greater user engagement (b) Act as an orchestration layer – one that helps move silo-based structures into a more refined interconnected solution on the blockchain and (c) Become the governance layer for your organisation where any changes to the blockchain fabric do not have an impact on the runtime performance of your technology

Tomorrow’s Tech


One of Cipher key implementations is its blockchain based reconciliation and settlement engine. The reconciliation and settlement engine is an ideal project for both public and private sector organisations to help them provide an instant payment settlement process amongst their interconnected entities/departments.

Unlock a Universe
of Possibilities!

Avanza Innovations is a group of passionate individuals who are invested in bringing a decentralized, automated and interconnected future to life. Our expertise and experiences span continents which give us the edge to help you build future-proof solutions. With an amazing team who actively learn, unlearn and relearn emerging technology, we will evolve how your systems work – beyond today and towards tomorrow.

Avanza Innovations - Blockchain Consultancy Portfolio

Public & Private

At Innovations, we work with some of the agilest government and private sector organizations on the planet. To help prepare entities for a decentralized future our experts are actively building use cases across Government, Land Records and Asset Management, Education, Banking and Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation and Energy sectors. The future will be built on public & private consortiums who will work together to cater to a much move involved consumer.

We act as the governance layer that helps solve real-world problems. We help entities move past lab environments to on ground implementations. We closely work with organizations like IBM and Consensus to ensure Cipher evolves with the latest versions of Hyperledger, Ethereum, Ripple etc.