Reconciliation and Settlement Platform

INSTACHAIN – Avanza’s Blockchain based Reconciliation & Settlement Platform is an inter-organization solution that helps organizations reconcile financial and non-financial transactions and records in real time through a trust-based network. The solution is available in both on-premise as well as cloud models.

The solution is Blockchain agnostic and can be set up for a consortium of organizations on any of the prevailing Blockchains.

Avanza’s Cipher comes pre-packaged with numerous micro-services that help member organizations come on board and start benefiting from the platform quickly and with ease. Organizations today spend hundreds of man-hours every month to reconcile their financial transactions and non-financial assets with partner organizations. Through distributed ledger technology Avanza helps such partner consortiums eliminate operational overhead completely and grow their partner networks without worrying about additional expenses.

Already deployed and used in production-grade environments, Cipher has millions of transactions stamped and reconciled in real time.

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Through our years of innovations across multiple industries, we have developed ready-made products that can help organizations evolve and move towards Blockchain based ecosystems preview screen

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