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Unlock Real World Assets Ownership & Reimagine Investments with Fragments

Fragments is the next-gen end to end Real World Asset Tokenization and Investment platform.

Fragments unlocks ownership of real-world assets through fractionalization, making them accessible to all segments of the community. Imagine financially empowering millions of investors to own a piece of a skyscraper, a rare artwork, or even a barrel of oil.

With Fragments, the possibilities of investment for local and global investors are endless.

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Shattering Investment Barriers with Fragments

Fragments is opening doors to a world of investment opportunities previously out of reach for the average investor. Fragments can enable individuals to take control of their financial future and turn aspirations into tangible investments.

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Diverse Asset Classes Tokenized!

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Precious Metals
Real Estate
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Adaptable Economic Models to Fit Your Asset Classes

Fragments offers a variety of tokenization models to align with your Asset Class. Our platform empowers asset owners to unlock new funding opportunities and investors to gain exposure to unique assets with fractional ownership.

  • Diverse Investment Opportunities
  • Regulated & Secure Investments
  • Regular Passive Income
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Easy Liquidity

Unlocking a New Era of Security, Transparency & Trust

  • Fragments leverages the power of blockchain, web 3.0  and smart contracts to safeguard and protect the interest of asset owners as well as retail investors.
  • Fragments ensures complete immutability and transparency of every transaction through a highly secure and robust underlying architecture.
  • Fragments operates as a DAO, empowering a community of users to participate in platform governance and decision-making. This adds another layer of transparency and accountability.
  • Fragments adheres to the principles of Web 3.0, prioritizing user ownership and control over data and assets. This combination of cutting-edge technologies creates a secure, transparent, and community-driven environment for your investments.

End-to-End Security & Compliance

From individual investors to asset providers and platform operators, we are committed to upholding the highest security and compliance standards. This translates to end-to-end protection throughout the investment journey.

Fragments proudly adheres to rigorous compliance standards, including:

  • KYC
  • AML
  • GPDR
  • ISO

Fragments remains steadfast in its dedication to regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

  • SEC
  • Digital Asset Regulatory Authority
  • Central Bank

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