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Orion – the Metaverse platform for enterprises and businesses.

Metaverse is the next evolution of enterprise customer engagements.

Introducing Orion, a ground-breaking AI-enabled metaverse platform meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of enterprises. Orion stands as the first-of-its-kind solution, thoughtfully designed with the core principles of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Web 3.0 at its heart. This innovative platform empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies, providing an immersive metaverse experience that combines intelligent automation, secure transactions, and the decentralized capabilities of the future web. Orion marks a significant step forward in transforming how businesses engage with virtual environments, offering a dynamic and versatile solution tailored to enterprise needs

Elevating Enterprises in the Metaverse Unparalleled
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Orion- The Enterprise Metaverse

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Why Orion

For businesses to make a larger impact on their communities and customers, they need a user-friendly platform. This platform should work well with their main systems, follow strict security and privacy rules for businesses, and use the same rules for how they communicate as they do in their current online and offline channels.

Orion gives companies a built-in system to help them do this. It comes with a wide range of tools and ready-to-use components. It lets them set up and run complete 3D customer experiences that match their basic systems and business rules.

Orion Toolkit

A metaverse platform built on top of Artificial intelligence and Blockchain layers

Orion is an advanced metaverse platform that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies as its foundational pillars. With AI, it delivers intelligent and personalized experiences, while Blockchain ensures secure and transparent transactions within the metaverse. This combination establishes Orion as a cutting-edge platform, fostering innovation and trust in its digital ecosystem

What's inside Orion

Businesses and customers are seeking more than just 3D visual experiences. They are prioritizing interactive and immersive environments, emphasizing engagement and functionality over mere content presentation.

Business Imperatives for Metaverse

Enterprises are actively seeking comprehensive platforms that facilitate seamless customer experiences and streamline business operations within an immersive 3D interactive setting. Orion aims to bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and efficient workflow execution.

Robust Enterprise Grade Solution

Orion caters to offering a holistic platform that seamlessly integrates with core systems, complies with security and privacy regulations, and maintains consistent governance principles across digital and physical channels, enabling enterprises to make a more meaningful impact on their communities and customers.

Orion Agent Console

Orion features a comprehensive agent orchestration and management console. This console empowers Organization representatives and agents with a variety of media, information, and interaction tools to provide and document real-time personalized experiences for customers and community members, tailored to their preferences, profiles, and journeys.

Comprehensive architecture built from the ground up

Orion stands as a fully integrated Metaverse Platform meticulously crafted from its inception to cater specifically to the needs and requirements of Enterprises and Businesses. Boasting a foundation built upon powerful technologies such as AI, blockchain, and Web 3.0, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features tailored to meet the unique demands of these entities, providing a solid foundation for their ventures in the metaverse.

Flexibility Meets Innovation:
Orion's Deployment & Technology

Orion takes your organization on a multi-year journey through the Metaverse, utilizing AI
and blockchain from Web 3.0 principles. It's flexible in deployment, allowing on-premise use or
subscription to the public SaaS version based on your organization’s data residency and governance policies.