Smart City Medical Emergency & Epidemic Management System

About Acuity

In 2017 ACUITY was initiated by a NHS clinician to support the vision: ‘right patient, the right doctor at the right time to provide a high-level view supporting command and control systems enabling resource coordination on individual patients or mass (London Bridge knife attacks). Making it relevant to:

Medical emergencies e.g stroke or heart attacks

Mass trauma & Terrorism

Epidemics e.g COVID19, Ebola


How Acuity Works

Dr. Asrar Rashid, Avanza’s Chief Medical Consultant and Mr. Waqas Mirza, CEO of Avanza Innovations, explain how in a healthcare emergency, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. This is where Avanza’s Acuity will help save lives!

In 2017 Avanza recognized the urgency of developing Acuity Super-Smart. We merged the knowledge of block-chain and Artificial Intelligence with the unique collaboration of international clinicians and emergency care specialists. Avanza is aiming to achieve the holy-grail – the right patient at the right location with the right clinician. Making a vision, a reality.

Acuity Advantage

A comparison between Pre-Acuity state and the desired state after Acuity.

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Acuity App

Acuity works on an agile and phased concept which means that the software itself can be operational in a short time (circa 1 week) in order to save lives. Then the software capability is enhanced through deeper integration into the host system allowing for further sophistication. The ultimate is for clinicians to be interacting with one another, as the patient is en-route. In this way a management plan could be finalized prior to patient arrival at the hospital facility. Depending on the degree of data that is captured by Acuity, this can help drive data driven planning which could be automated through Artificial Intelligence principles.

Core Features of Acuity

Centralized Command & Control Center

Real time hospital high level view system on asset availability and occupancy, & patient's footfall

Matching Demand with Supply

Facilitates the vision of matching the clinical demand with the supply of services (i.e. healthcare capacity).

Ambulance Tracking

Acuity can integrate into ambulance tracking to direct the ambulance to the appropriate sites for treatment

Monitoring individuals

Real-time patient footfall by integrating with ERP systems and also Medical devices with IOT capability (e.g. thermal scanning of crowds)

Analytics & Insights of Facilities vs Patients Trends

Emergency centers operating across the city can network to work as a single coordinated country-wide unit by integrating with ERP systems and Test centers

Major Incident & CCTV Coverage

Video footage of the site can be viewed by the relevant Authority for any man-made or natural major incident

At a Glance

Preview of our city view system to understand how some of Acuity features work

Real-time visibility of city-wide incidents, equipment availability across healthcare facilities, patient cases in each hospital, ambulance tracking, cases in each ambulance, details of major incidents, patient and bed details, and a lot more. Retrieve real-time data from hospitals by integrating with ERP systems or specific hospital systems and filtering and harmonizing the data thus procured. tab1
Acuity applies algorithms optimizing ambulance flow thereby increasing the probability of matching emergency cases, at the earliest, against the best suited hospitals. Smart algorithms are based on factors such as weather, traffic, equipment & facility availability, relevant hospital specialist and Hospital Queue time. Other factors could include stipulations by the health authority (e.g. a Covid-19 status hospital) tab1
Acuity has the Ability to integrate with any Civil Defense and Law Enforcement Systems to capture and relay real time details of “Major Incidents”. Video footage of the site can be made available to the Health Authority for any man-made or natural major incident tab1
Acuity will collate and render real-time information from hospitals across a city-wide level to provide the Governmental body or the Hospital with a holistic view of the hospitals’ equipment and patients’ statistics. The dashboard can be drilled down to view patients’ progress, treatments and diagnosis. tab1

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