eCommerce Chain

Cross Border eCommerce Digital Platform On Blockchain

Challenges in Global eCommerce Landscape

The rise of the eCommerce industry following the current Pandemic has transformed the way businesses operate. Covid19 has accelerated the shift to eCommerce and digitalisation in business across various industries. Due to this rise, disruptions in supply chain, logistics, & operations of eCommerce has been recorded for the intermediaries associated with eCommerce companies.

Cross border E-commerce transactions are complex and yet not adapted to new realities of e-commerce. A typical E-Commerce purchase involves various intermediaries including but not limited to Custom Authorities, Courier Companies, Clearing Authorities or agents, warehousing companies, online marketplaces & sellers, and Customer sides, etc: increasing the complexity in eCommerce transactions.

Lifecycle of a typical eCommerce transaction is mired with a number of issues such as:

Online marketplaces & sellers face complex processes and excessive charges for export and irrecoverable paid duties. Import duties are often charged on returned items due to lack of traceability of a particular shipment at customs end. The process is paper intense and consumes a lot of time.

Customs Authorities are challenged to ensure rapid clearance of E-commerce shipments while managing security risks, statistical analysis and efficient revenue collections.

Courier companies are challenged with clearance processes and significant efforts to process e-commerce transactions.

eCommerce Chain

DHL in consultation and collaboration with Dubai Customs launched the region’s first blockchain based E-Commerce Chain Pilot. eCommerce Chain has been successfully implemented by Avanza Innovations – using their extensive blockchain and supply chain expertise.

eCommerce Chain is a blockchain network which provides a complete tamper-proof end-to-end traceable journey of e-commerce transactions, resulting in 

Efficient and paperless process

No double charges

Complete transparency across all participants

Better governance & control

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