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Learn how Avanza is helping regulators and banking consortiums set up national platforms that address key areas of regulation and compliance 

Leveraging technology for better financial supervision

Learn how financial regulators and banking consortiums are taking advantage of Avanza's Blockchain Solutions to address industry-wide problems related to trust, transparency, and efficiency

Avanza helps regulators, banking federations and fin-tech consortiums launch national platforms that help address key areas of regulation, compliance and standardization.

Financial regulation is often interpreted and implemented inconsistently within the BFSI sector within many jurisdictions.

National Scale Platforms

Avanza is helping banking consortiums’ and regulators’ achieve the common goal of achieving across the board compliance, monitoring and regulation through smart use of technology.

Our national-scale platforms in the areas of KYC, Anti-TBML, Trade Finance and Digital Artefact exchange are helping regulators standardize, regulate and monitor banking relationships and transactions in a non-intrusive manner, thereby also deriving priceless insights from accumulative national data sets.

On the other hand these platforms provide banks with a technology-enabled safety net to grow their businesses while mitigating their default and fraud risks.

Regulating Financial Institutions to achieve transparency & efficiency

Regulators have tried to enforce compliance and standardization through notifications/memos and resorting to a penalty-driven regime.

There has been very little to almost no use of inclusive technology to achieve national standardization and governance of pressing challenges such as KYC, AML, TF, TBML and other grave issues.

In highly regulated jurisdictions, banks and financial institutions remain conservative in their business models and approach for the fear of possible non-compliance. This apprehensive and conservative approach hinders banks in achieving their true growth potential thus resulting in a setback to overall economic momentum in the country.

In low-regulated jurisdictions regulators are often catching up with financial non-compliance and frauds thereby facing massive pressure from international regulatory bodies. Large magnitudes of financial non-compliance often result in contraction of foreign direct investment and assess to global money markets for developing countries.

Our Approach

Avanza’s approach to national financial regulation and supervision is industry-wide. We strongly feel any measure or improvement in these areas by individual banks in isolation does not suffice. We feel industry-led and industry-wide technology-led ventures are more apt vehicles to hedge banks’ risks and give regulators insights into critical areas of compliance.

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