Guangzhou, China - 13th Oct, 2018 Avanza Innovations, one of the region’s most well established nascent technology providers won gold at the APICTA Awards 2018. Part of Avanza Group of Companies, Avanza Innovations has been leading the space with respect to key solutions across Blockchain, AI, RPA, Financial Regulation & Supervision and Smart City Enablement.

Held at the Garden Hotel, the APICTA Awards recognize the achievements of innovators, acknowledging creativity and excellence in the Information and Communications Technologies space. This year there were over 22 countries which participated in the event, including leading asian economies such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc.

The APICTA Awards 2018 honored Avanza’s Blockchain orchestration and governance platform, Cipher in the “Best in Digital Government” category. Through Cipher Avanza has been able to deliver massive projects like Dubai’s Recon and Settlement platform, which has processed 6m+ transactions on the Blockchain as of now. Cipher also is being employed by multiple government entities to develop Blockchain led innovations across key verticals such as Energy, Mass Transit, Financial Regulation, Real estate and Energy Conservation & Management.

Cipher has been built with the future in mind. It is a fact that as organizations move towards Blockchain led projects there will be multiple Blockchain platforms that will be em-ployed to deliver them in the next few years. To promote interoperability and governance across chains and use cases, Cipher has been built as a platform-agnostic solution that can ride on any underlying Blockchain technology (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Quorum, Sawtooth Lake etc.). This among other key features will help with both public and private sector organizations build Multi-year strategies that can help them pace through a case by case implementation cycle.

With such key success and multiple regional awards under its belt Avanza is now looking to replicate its success across key global destinations to help them demystify their Blockchain journeys.