RPA Consulting Services

Avanza’s RPA consulting services offers a unique combination of required and necessary attributes which any organization shall need to kick start their automation journey. Avanza, with its multi-decade experience of delivering home grown software products, have understood that a new technology must be adopted with a structured approach to ensure a calculated and scalable adoption mechanism.

Avanza offers multiple programs within RPA consulting umbrella which consist of:

RPA 101

RPA 101

Avanza, as part of this offering enables organisations on RPA with various 101 sessions which consists of business and technical presentations.
The objective of 101 sessions is to educate Business and IT Teams to understand RPA technology and how it can be used for organisations digital transformation.

RPA Discovery and Design Thinking workshops

RPA Discovery/ Design Thinking workshops

RPA Design Thinking workshops aims at churning rightly qualified RPA use-cases for the organisations. Our RPA consultants communicates with business and IT stakeholders on 1-on-1 basis to identify pain points, opportunities of automation, cost benefit analysis and qualify the business areas within organisation for RPA journey.The objective of this exercise is to shortlist functional areas and key processes within each to be later qualified/ ranked for RPA journey.

RPA Use-case qualification

RPA Use case qualification

RPA Use case qualification is a feasibility study of each process and use-case identified in RPA Discovery phase.The feasibility study covers both efficiency and financials aspects and henceforth generate a report for organisation leadership to finalise the use-cases for RPA journey.

RPA COE Enablement

RPA Centre of Excellence

In addition to above exercise, RPA consultants also ensure sustainability aspects of RPA and hence trains and enables organisations by working on following areas

• Developing standards and policies for RPA
• RPA Governance models, operating models
• RPA enterprise architectures
• RPA Roadmaps

RPA Implementation Services

Avanza’s RPA Implementation services offers organization an agnostic approach towards materializing embracement of automation. Avanza with its wide exposure of multiple RPA frameworks such as UiPath, Blueprism, Automation anywhere, Workfusion, Kofax can offer organisations with choice of most suited technology as per the environment dynamics. While Avanza consulting services helps organisations in selection of right technology, implementation teams are ready to execute the same for the organization.

Avanza understood the amalgamation of automation with intelligence back in 2017 and hence prepared RPA experts with multi-facet experience of not just RPA technology but assisting components as well such as OCR, Cognitive Intelligence, Chatbots which if needed can work hand-in-hand with core RPA process.

While RPA technology offers a palette of automation features to the organizations, it is evident that without sector and industry experience of working on core software products, optimized and future proof automation is not possible. Avanza incorporate this link by empowering organizations with subject matter experts, experience solution architects, middleware experts and experience CRM, ERP experts as part of the implementation team to ensure automation design is exhaustive and comprehensive.

Avanza follows a unique 4 dimensional approach for its RPA implementations which consists of:







RPA Technology Experience

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RPA Team certified on leading technologies

AI Driven Robotic Process Automation

Avanza's RPA solutions help organizations transform mission critical business processes by abandoning old rule-based automation and incorporating Machine Learning into RPA.

Riding the Automation Wave!

At Avanza we have been working with some of the most well-established organizations on the planet. That has given us decades of insight into the processes and structures of an organization and its applications.

With that understanding, we can say with absolute confidence that RPA is one of the best business optimization technologies out there. With innovations, you are working with a team of dedicated ‘RPA experts’ that will evolve the way you do business.

Why Avanza?

Avanza has a DNA of software development and product implementation across varied technology, sectors, demography for 2 decades

Avanza is proudly partnered with UiPath in the Middle East – leading RPA technology solutions.

Avanza has a local presence in Middle East, Pakistan and African region since inception, headquartered in Dubai.

Avanza has certified RPA and OCR developers to cater their expertise in production grade implementations.

Avanza has years of experience in middleware implementations in government, telecom, complex process automation, procurement process integrations across varied sectors.

Avanza is a reputed software development brand in government sector across middle east with multiple core banking, CRM implementations done.

Avanza is not RPA startup as it has varied experience with traditional software development, integrations, UI/UX development, DEVOPS and project management to deliver real world projects for 20+ years globally.

How can we help you?

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