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As we move forward towards a new world supercharged by technology and innovation we have to also look back and discover how well we have reshaped the lives of people globally.

At innovations, we have proudly been part of state-led drives and city-wide implementations that have had a positive impact on peoples lives.

Cities of Tomorrow, Today!

Avanza Innovations - Smart City Enablement -Dubai Health AuthorityAcuity is Avanza Innovations smart city enablement and consultancy platform. At Avanza our objective has always been building technology that can reduce friction and bring value to the lives of people. Acuity serves that objective by bringing our public and private sector tech expertise to the doorstep of nations globally.

One of our key implementations was building a city-wide medical platform. Using artificial intelligence the system carries out complex commands that get activated once a patient is in the ambulance. This includes looking for the closest hospital with available beds, alerting relevant hospital teams and reserving beds.

By using this system, a heart-attack victim would not be transferred to the emergency department but will be sent straight to the cardiac suite, saving valuable time. This system is built on the principle that the right synergy between people and automated processes can not just enrich lives but save them as well.

With that vision in place, Avanza has merged its knowledge of blockchain and artificial intelligence with the expertise of clinicians and emergency care specialists. In collaboration with internationally trained healthcare professionals, the project aims to link the right patient to the right location, with the right clinician.

The system was most recently chosen by the city of Dubai and its health authority to act as the medical nerve center of the city and manage and maintain how first response and patient journeys take place.

Avanza Innovations - Smart City Enablement - Acuity

Enabling the Enablers!

Building city-wide systems of the future require precision planning. At Innovations, we have a dedicated team of ‘Enablement Engineers’ who work with cities globally to discover and demystify their smart city use case.

They do this by identifying which latest technologies (AI, Blockchain, RPA, Citizen Engagement) can be integrated with your current governance infrastructure. We also act as the synchronization layer that moves you past Proof of Concept stages and helps you integrate your smart city system across your entities and affiliates.

Smart City Advocacy!

One key challenge cities of the future will face is not the adoption of technology but the transition towards it. At Innovations, we realized early on that one of the key ingredients missing with respect to the adoption of any new technology was the active building and liaison of public and private sector stakeholders.

Next-gen systems require a journey towards onboarding. our ‘Smart City Consultants’ work with multiple entities across different use cases to define the best possible roadmaps to onboard themselves. One critical issue that may occur is not realizing the full scope and magnitude of a certain system and in a rush to evolve, entities may do more damage than good.

Avanza Innovations works very closely with all active stakeholders on the table to bring them together and synergize their efforts to ensure that the full potential of a smarter, interconnected and decentralized future-proof city is realized.

Avanza Innovations - Smart City Enablement - Acuity